Where visions of sugarplums become reality…


Hi there!

I’m Kit of Kit’s Krafts.

I’m what you might call a “cradle crafter” as my paternal grandmother taught me to knit and crochet at the very tender age of 4…it was mostly to keep me quiet and not bother her, but little did she know that those beginning skills would catapult me into the world of creativity in a big way!

My first foray into commercial enterprise was a street fair when I was 11. I sold Barbie doll dresses and hats that I designed and crocheted myself.  I pretty much sold out of my stock that day. I went on to learn to sew, becoming the costume designer for our school plays in high school. Many girls in my high school wore hand crocheted shawls by yours truly to all the school dances.

We opened a small craft shop while I was in high school, called Kit’s Krafts. I taught macrame classes, crocheting, quilling, and even one knitting class.

Because we’d moved to be nearer to my mother’s family I learned many other skills from my maternal grandmother…how to bake, can, preserve, and use anything at hand to make what you need.  From her I learned to take cornhusks and turn them into objects of great beauty.

My first cornhusk dolls were pretty abysmal, but I stuck with it, and before very long, I was creating dolls that had collectors coming out of the woodwork.  I’ll be teaching some of the techniques here on this site.

Every chapter of my life gave me new opportunities to use my creativity in a great many ways.  My intent, with this site, is to bring the wonderful world of creation and creativity to everyone.

Without creating, life seems very dull indeed!