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Isn’t it wonderful when you find an image that you find to be completely enchanting?  What do you do with it?  Fortunately, when you’re a collector of boxes, journals, plates, etc. as I am, it’s easy to figure out a way to create a longer lasting treasure.  Here are two projects created from a single image that totally captured me.

Secret Garden - Prayer is the name of this journal.

Secret Garden – Prayer is the name of this journal.

The journal is lovely, it is something that I will write in daily for the next several months. But I decided that I really REALLY liked this image, so I decided to create something a little longer lasting. This time, I turned it into a decoupage plate, a little bit of potichomania going on here…the craze for Oriental porcelain that afflicted the Victorian Era!

Here I worked backward, by placing the main image first and then filling in afterward. This created a really beautiful layered look to the plate. I used a laser image of the main image, then I used some scrapbooking paper and some coordinating napkin tissue that I’ve fallen in love with. I only bought a single package of those napkins. Now I wish I’d bought a whole box full!

DSC_0108 Decoupage Plate

The entire time I was working on this plate I played the works of the group Secret Garden.  I found their music to be very inspirational and soothing. This project was similarly soothing.  Now that the plate is done, I can hardly stop looking at it.  There is something simply magical about this piece and I just can’t put my finger on it.